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January 25 2018

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Art by Susan Seddon Boulet.

January 03 2018

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Just finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and absolutely LOVED it. 

Here is all the best fan art I could find!

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Bill Bollinger

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Good News of 2017

Cause we all really need to see the good that came from this shitty year.

cause we all really
need to see the good that came
from this shitty year

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Love your darkness, love your light. Use them both in the endless night.
— Jordan T. Marthinsen (via night-hags-arte)

January 02 2018

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The magic of Halstock Wood by RocksAndFerns
tumblr | Instagram | twitter

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ether. portrait commission for oniongrumps on deviantart!

> my art tag | commission info

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Happy Mew Year!

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Cats vs. Humidifiers. [video]

December 20 2017

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Gods of the Past 5 - by MrFloki

“Strength born of long peace,

Free to grow unbounded,

Unravaged by war’s fires.”


December 11 2017


hydrate profoundly

November 29 2017

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